The Lutheran Study Bible Translation Process

The process of translating the Lutheran Study Bible notes from English into each of the 15 Indian languages included in this initiative presents a daunting challenge. We have established a collaborative 10-step process involving several different linguistic experts and multiple layers of quality control.

Step 1: Initial Translation

For each language, our experts prepare an initial translation of the study notes for each book of the Bible. This is a written translation - putting pen to paper just as it was done two thousand years ago.

Step 2: Typing

The written translation of the vernacular text is typed. During this step, we perform a comparative check, theological check, and linguistic check to ensure accuracy and quality. This step also includes a final reading and preparation of the final print for editing.

Step 3: Proofreading

As the name implies, our language experts proofread the translated script to identify and correct any grammatical errors, and mistranslations.

Step 4: Comparative Reading

Also referred to as our final accuracy check, this step of the process involves a meticulous comparison of the vernacular script and the original English text.

Step 5: Theological Check

Here, our team of experts verify theological and biblical concepts, terms, ideas, and meanings to ensure they are expressed clearly and accurately in the Indian language translation.

Step 6: Linguistic Check

This is the process of evaluating the linguistic patterns, words, grammar, and sentences of the vernacular script to ensure consistency and adherence to the norms of the Indian language.

Step 7: Final Reading

We assess the vernacular script on each page to ensure we are delivering the best possible translated script for lay readers.

Step 8: Format/Layout for Publication

An absolutely essential component of the overall process is designing the print layout of the Bible verses, study notes, articles, charts, maps, and songs in suitable page and column distributions.

Step 9: Review Panel

The script is reviewed by a panel of experts (academicians, pastors, and ministers) and lay people (congregations from various churches) to identify any gaps or opportunities for improvement.

Step 10: Final Editing and Compiling

Complete assessment of the script by incorporating, emphasizing, or modifying the various comments, suggestions, and remarks of the Review Panel.

This exhaustive process was designed to ensure quality, consistency, and a faithful translation of every element of The Lutheran Study Bible.

It’s why donations from sponsors and supporters are so critical to the success of this initiative – and why your contributions are so deeply appreciated.

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