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Bible Translation Project

Welcome to the Lutheran Study Bible Translation Project, an initiative of Bible Faith Lutheran Ministries to India, Inc. (BFLMI), a US-based nonprofit organization seeking to spread The Gospel to believers of Jesus Christ across India. Our organization has two very clear and longstanding core missions, as well as a commitment to complete the enormous undertaking of translating The Lutheran Study Bible notes into 15 Indian languages. You have landed on our website for the latter – the translation initiative. To learn more about our two core missions, please click below.

The Holy Bible has been translated into many different languages, including the major languages of India, but many Bible readers will understand more clearly what they are reading if they can consult study notes like those contained in The Lutheran Study Bible. In 2018, BFLMI initiated a new project of enormous magnitude: translating The Lutheran Study Bible notes into as many 15 different languages spoken locally in different regions of India.

The Story of The Lutheran Study Bible

In short, it is a study guide companion to The Holy Bible. More than 600 Christians from across the globe, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, England, Ethiopia, Finland, Germany, Ghana, Haiti, India, Kenya, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine, and the United States, cooperated to produce the Lutheran Study Bible. Its first publication was in English, by Concordia Publishing House of St. Louis, Missouri, in 2009.
The Lutheran Study Bible project was launched by inviting more than 400 laypeople to read portions of The Bible and submit their questions about the text they read.

NOTE: These contributors were not religious scholars or even Christian pastors, ministers, or priests. Instead, the idea was to begin with the people who needed a study guide the most: laypeople, many among them struggling to understand the teachings of The Bible. Indeed, these were people who would actually rely on the Study Bible when it was finished.

The hope was that a study guide could be developed that would both appeal to and be understood by the average person. The project is forever indebted to those early participants, for nearly 1,500 questions were submitted by ordinary everyday Christians trying to make sense of each Book, Chapter, Verse, and Passage of The Bible.

Importantly, The Lutheran Study Bible was created to answer the very questions these people were asking. Naturally, theologians from across the globe were able to supplement those 1,500 questions with thousands more at the same intellectual and spiritual level… thus creating a companion to The Holy Bible that is completely accessible – intellectually and spiritually – to everyday Christians.

The study notes include numerous quotations and insights from the early church fathers and Reformation-era theologians, as well as maps, family trees, charts of germane facts, and prayers the reader may wish to offer while reading the text.

In addition to the brief study notes at the bottom of each page of the text, numerous articles were prepared especially for The Lutheran Study Bible to explain important themes from Scripture and apply them to current issues.

Bringing The Lutheran Study Bible to India

As mentioned, The Bible has long been available in the major languages of India, and there are even study Bibles available in some of the major Indian languages, but nothing quite as comprehensive as The Lutheran Study Bible. It is the hope and dream of BFLMI to translate the study notes in The Lutheran Study Bible into all the major languages of India, as these are the most comprehensive and accessible notes ever to become available in India.

We are cooperating with the Bible Society of India to attach the notes to the Bibles that are already being published and distributed throughout India.

Our project’s Indian translators come from a variety of denominational backgrounds. They report that they are learning much and feeling blessed themselves as they work to make the notes from The Lutheran Study Bible available and accessible in their own native languages. You don’t have to be a Lutheran to appreciate these study notes.

Naturally, an initiative like this depends on the participation of volunteers and the generosity of donors around the globe. If you are willing to help us bring this important work to Christians throughout India, we encourage you to donate.

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